Uses of dematerialization probative value

Electronic orders and invoices (legally compliant, digitally signed invoices)

SEALWeb regularly audits and designs electronic orders and invoices projects. SEALWeb missions include all aspects of such projects.

Signature of contracts and legal acts

SEALWeb designs and audit secured processes allowing contracts and legal acts dematerialization.

Electronic contract signature for point of sales B2C

SEALWeb brings assistance to clients willing to complete retail transactions or legal contracts with digital tools in point of sales: definition, implementation, auditing.

Trading gateways

SEALWeb conceives, specifies and assists electronic trading gateways implementation; these gateways allow dematerialization of exchanges among business branches or partners.

Online subscriptions

SEALWeb defines and audits online subscriptions, contracting, trading processes.

Electronic gambling and voting

SEALWeb organizes and audits electronic gambling or voting processes, either on machines or online.

Secured online services and flows of structured data

SEALWeb assists clients in assessing needs and implementing solutions for online services or flows of structured data.