Specialized training

Given the high expertise level of its consultants, SEALWeb is an established, recognized training institution.

SEALWeb hosts and conducts:

  • Shared training sessions on topics related dematerialization with probative value
  • Tailored training sessions, adapted to clients or projects specific participants and questions
  • Shared training sessions for specialized partners (editors, integrators, consulting firms,…)

SEALWeb’s training sessions cover technical points as well as legal and organizational dimensions.

Main topics addressed during SEALWeb’s training sessions:

  • Online subscription, B2C contracts, B2B contracts: securing electronic contracts
  • Legally compliant, digitally signed invoices: new obligations and new possibilities
  • Electronic answers to calls for tenders
  • PKI business uses
  • Implement a Trust Infrastructure (electronic certificates, signature, authentication, time stamping, validation, cyphering)
  • RGS: Stakes and impacts for ministries and IT systems
  • RGS implementation in local governments
  • Uses and impacts of electronic signature
  • Electronic voting

More information on all SEALWeb’s training sessions via e-mail contact: formation@sealweb.eu.

SEALWeb’s training sessions are only available in French.