Our missions

Studies and consulting

Whether studies or project management missions, SEALWeb adapts to client and business project maturity.

Project management assistance

Because of partners’ multiplicity and need for diverse but complementary competences, project management is the key success factor. Project management allows planning and cost efficiency, especially with open, interconnected IT systems. From initial d...

Operational project management

SEALWeb brings operational project management in all projects phases, on two main level of expertise: technology an organization. SEALWeb ’s consultant are accessible and rigorous. Thanks to detailed feedback on large scale projects, they easily a...

Security expertise

SEALWeb assists clients in defining the most adapted security means, depending on their risks.

Internal audits and ETSI and RGS certification preparation

SEALWeb designed an audit methodology to pursue two main purposes; guarantee the adequate security and interoperability level, and benchmark it to the state of the art.

Specialized training

Given the high expertise level of its consultants, SEALWeb is an established, recognized training institution. SEALWeb hosts and conducts: Shared training sessions on topics related dematerialization with probative value Tailored training...