Internal audits and ETSI and RGS certification preparation

SEALWeb designed an audit methodology to pursue two main purposes; guarantee the adequate security and interoperability level, and benchmark it to the state of the art.

AuditAUDIT PREPARATIONCLIENT’S ASSISTANCEDURING AUDITETSI/RGS certification audits: prepared by SEALWebConformity to legalframework assessmentHelp in human processesand technical infrastructuresupgradeHelp during auditing processCorrection planpreparation and runningAnnual internal auditAB123AUDIT PREPARATIONAUDIT RUNNING AND FEED BACKNon ETSI/RGS audits: ran by SEALWebAudit objectives definitionAudit planTarget standardsWritten legal documents auditingOn site auditResultsRecommendationsAB1234C

For French certification you may contact LSTI, only COFRAC accredited company. SEALWeb‘s role remains to assist clients in preparing and passing such audits.