Electronic contract signature for point of sales B2C

SEALWeb brings assistance to clients willing to complete retail transactions or legal contracts with digital tools in point of sales: definition, implementation, auditing.

Dématérialisation des fluxISSUES TYPESANSWERS1Needs andROI analysis2Process definitionand impacts analysis3Suppliersselection4DeploymentmanagementIncoming flowsDematerializationDematerializationof POS signedflowsOutgoing flowsDematerializationElectronic signature ofPOS elaborated contractsAssistance to electronicsignature tablets in POSAssistance to define customerroutes and signature processSecured flows to customerspartners and suppliersOutsourcing strategies for electronicand/or printed mailsMail digitationExchange gateway connection with partnersEDI flows structuration and standardizationGateways implementationSecured extranet