Electronic orders and invoices (legally compliant, digitally signed invoices)

SEALWeb regularly audits and designs electronic orders and invoices projects. SEALWeb missions include all aspects of such projects.

Tender specifications writingOrganization of competition processTenders analysis: projections andcosts simulationsPresentations and contractrecommendations SUPPLIERS SELECTION Deployment project managementTasks coordination between supplierand company workforceFunctional acceptance testsand flows validation withtargeted clients and suppliers PROJECT MANAGEMENT Suppliers and clientsexpectations analysisDefinition of adoption criteriafor new processes in differentbranches or activitiesCommunication plan definitionProgressive, generaldeployment service management DEPLOYMENT PLAN Incoming, outgoing invoices.Compliance to tax regulationsOutsourcing versus insourcingopportunities analysisAnalysis of the easiness tointegrate into existing IT environmentDefinition of standards and protocolsto be used : XML, EANCOM, EDIFACT,AS2, HTTPS, SFTP NEEDS ANALYSIS